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Oil prices for Mid-Maine Bangor West     High  3.599     Low 2.84     Average 3.103 
Company Name Town Price Phone# Date Calc
Arctic Energy Inc Corinth  $2.999    10/29/2014   
C.N. Brown Company Brewer  $2.849  10/29/2014   
Pushaw Energy Milford  $2.850  10/31/2014   
Webber Energy Fuel Dover Foxcroft  $3.599    5/21/2014   
C.N. Brown Company Dexter  $3.069  10/29/2014   
C.N. Brown Company Pittsfield   $2.999  10/29/2014   
Foster Energy Hampden  $3.199    10/29/2014   
Polar Energy Holden  $3.299  7/1/2014   
Griffin Oil Levant  $2.959    10/29/2014   
C.N. Brown Company Mattawamkeag  $3.049  10/29/2014   
Maine Energy Inc Bangor  $3.039    10/23/2014   
C.N. Brown Company Greenville  $3.149  10/14/2014   
Morin Fuel Bradley  $2.989    10/29/2014   
Fettinger Fuels Exeter  $2.899  10/29/2014   
Roy Bros Inc/Webber Old Town  $3.599    5/21/2014   
Whitney Energy Inc Lincoln  $3.140    10/29/2014   

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